Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rescuing Sock Orphans from the Laundry

Is there anyone who doesn't have some sort of creature living in their laundry machines who furiously eats socks? But only ONE of the pair?? Surely someone besides me can't get over how many sock orphans come through the wash. A couple of years ago we started this system to address the problem. It doesn't take care of it completely, but it has helped a TON!
Each room has a bag like this filled with plastic laundry pins. I hang it from something near the laundry basket.
Each person is responsible for clipping their socks together before the pair is put in the basket. The kids are now finally in the habit--it took a while!
A word of caution: the clips do sometimes break or come apart. If you want a heavier duty clip, try these.
Sock monster destroyed! :)